Double Your Bitcoin

Double Your Bitcoin

You Heard It RIGHT!  Double Your Bitcoin!

Yes I was skeptic!   To be honest I have no idea how they’re doing it either, but the gambler in me just couldn’t resist the too good to be true deal!

Armed with a wallet with a few bits I figure worse case I lose my little test deposit of 0.0016 BTC.

The process was pretty simple a quick, from Double My Bitcoin you enter the wallet you want the return BTC to be send to and Double My Bitcoin will generate your unique BTC deposit wallet address.   At 11:35 PM of 3/23 I went ahead and hit send!  with the Double My Bitcoin unique deposit page still open, the confirmation was almost instant!  I guess there was nothing else to do but WAIT!

Next morning around 12:38PM my  Blockchain App notified me that I had just received 0.00256698 BTC!!  13 hours after my test deposit, my Bitcoin was doubled (slightly less then double since my initial deposit of 0.0016  was including transaction fees)!

Could be a fluke right?  Stay tuned to find out as I make a second deposit (Link to follow this new Double My Bitcoin 0.0016 BTC transaction HERE)  I will follow up if get double the Bitcoin back tomorrow!

If you want to check out Double My Bitcoin Here