Antminer U1 instructions and resources

How to setup your Antminer U1 USB Miner.

Antminer U1 USB Bitcoin Miner drivers and instructions

Before you insert the AntMiner U1 into the USB Port of your computer or an USB hub, make sure you have the following files downloaded and ready.

Step 1. Install the driver for your AntMiner U1 USB Miner

  • If you have not downloaded the CP2102 Driver yet, download from the link above and install the driver.
  • Plug in your Antminer U1 into your available USB slot or USB hub.
  • Important!  Open Zadig and click “Options -> List All Devices” – This will show a list of your devices.
  • Select [CP2102 USB to UART Bridge Controller] and click “Reinstall Driver

Step 2. Run CGMiner

  • Go to your command prompt (Start -> Run – > cmd )
  • Find the directory where you unzipped the CGMiner for Antminer.
  • Run the following command:
cgminer.exe --bmsc-options 115200:20 -o Pool_URL:Port -u USERNAME -p PASSWORD --bmsc-freq 0781

Note:  To overclock the Antminer U1 (at your own risk) you can reference the README file for the different –bmsc-freq settings (0781 is default)

 CGMiner –bmsc-freq Antminer U1 over clocking settings quick reference:

AntMiner U1 over clocking Settings
Frequency Hash Rate (GH/s) –bmsc-freq Setting
200 1.6 0781 – Default
225 1.8 0881
250 2.0 0981
275 2.2 0A81

You can download the complete AntMiner resource here:

* Disclaimer:  This installation guide is for your reference only, use it at your own risk.  As with any bitcoin mining equipment, you should always research the proper settings and installation that will work with your hardware.

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