2 X Block Erupters

SAVE Money and Get 2 Block Erupters, That’s 666 MH/s

For half the price of Radeon 7970 and significant less in power usage, you can get 2 ASIC Block Erupters and mine at the speed of Radeon 7970 GPU!  It’s a NO BRAINER!  Less Heat, Less Electricity means MORE Bitcoins in get to keep in your wallet!

The Block Erupter USB series is the second major product of ASICMINER. It serves as a replacement of GPUs for mining hobbyists. Your GPUs could be freed from calculating hashes and resume rendering for you. It is also a perfect gift for getting people knowing about Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining.

It has significant improvements in:

  • Heat reduction: 500-510mA (sapphire).
  • Stability: We tested all of them. No hardware errors.
  • Speed: 336MH/s.


  • SMT machine assembly (sapphire)
  • Heat-sink front-case 2-in-1 logo-ed (sapphire).
  • LED added.

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2x ASIC Block Erupter - Buy Now