Which USB Hub to use with Block Erupters

Best USB hub to use with the ASICMiner Block Erupters

Update:  10.4.2013

With the recent huge drop in Block Erupter price, we decided to add 200 erupters to our own mining farm.  While the Anker 3.0 USB (the new 9 port hub) is still our favorite, we noticed the price increase in most of the top quality USB 3.0 hubs from Amazon.  Needless to say, adding couple hundred erupters can be pretty costly at $60 a pop!  So we looked around and bought in some cheaper solutions to try it out on the erupters.

Our of the 5 different hubs we tried, only 2 was worth mentioning for GOOD and BAD reasons.  The Juiced system 7 Hub (we tested 4 of them) kept having unknown issues with seeing the erupters even though it has more then sufficient power for 10 erupters.  We end up returning all 4 hubs.   The good news is that we saw a deal on Amazon for the 10 port USB 2.0 Hub from Rosewill for $19.99, without any high expectations we first tested it with 5 Erupters and ran for 24 hours without any issues.  We then added 2 more erupters to the hub and another 24 hours went by without any problems!    We managed to snatch up 10 before they were out of stock, and magically they were back in stock the next day at $22.99.  Even at the current price of $24.99 it’s still worth it!

Roswill 10 port USB 2.0 hub


With tens of thousands of Block Erupter USB bitcoin miner being sold lately (especially on eBay).  One of the most common question we’ve received from our buyers is “What USB hub should I use with my Block Erupters?”

Best USB Hub for Block EruptersFew things you need to know before we compare the different USB Hubs out there for your Block Erupters.

A single Block Erupter will require 2.5VA. A good point of reference when purchasing your USB hub is take a look at the box or the power adapter of the USB Hub.  If the box or adapter says 5V 4A, then you can power 20VA worth of Block Erupters.  20 VA / 2.5 = 8 Block Erupters, If the hub you’re buying is a 10 port USB hub with a power adapter that says 5V 4A then the maximum Block Erupter you want to plug into this hub is 8.

* Note that it’s a good practice when possible to reduce the maximum Block Erupter allowed by 1 just to prevent overloading your USB or burning out the AC Adapter.

Keep in mind the data compiled below are not complete, we will continue to add new hubs to this as we find one that’s worth mentioning.  We’ve try to list only hubs that are widely available for purchase and within reasonable price.  There are USB hub solutions out there are not included here because while they may support higher numbers of USB ports, they are also in price range that will make you cringe.  (see 49 port USB Hub by Datamation).

Device Name Total Ports Usable Ports Power from AC Price Tested By Us Where To Buy
Anker® Uspeed USB 3.0  10 10  12V @ 4A $59.99  YES Amazon
Anker Uspeed USB 3.0 9-Port  (NEW) 10 9  12V @ 5A  $59.99  YES  Amazon
Juiced Systems 10HUB-01 3.0 10  8-10  12V @ 5A $50.00 NO Juiced Systems
Orico USB 3.0 10 10 12V @ 4A $64.99  YES  Amazon
AITech USB 3.0 10 10  12V @ 4A  $69.99  YES  Amazon
TeckNet® USB 3.0 10 10 5V @ 3A $34.99 NO  Amazon
Roswill 10-port USB 2.0 – added 10.4.2013  10  7-8 5V @ 4A  $21.99  YES  Amazon
 More to follow…

We’ve tested most of the USB Hubs above, and have not run into any issues with our own Block Erupter Rigs.  Only thing that was noticeable when a 10 port USB hub is maxed out with Erupters, the AC Adapter does tend to get on the hot side.

Arctic Breeze USB Fans to keep Block Erupters CoolTo keep your USB hubs from running at max capacity while keeping your Erupters fairly cool, you can use the last port for a cooling device.  ARCTIC Breeze USB Fan, this nice little USB fan is only $8 and it’s by far the best and quietest USB fan that will keep you Erupter hub running nice and cool.

Due to the demand of USB Hubs for bitcoin miners using Block Erupters, we’ve noticed some of the vendors are taking advantage of this recent demand by increasing their price by as high as 25%.  If you know you will need hubs to increase your mining hash power, I suggest you buy as many as you can when you find a good deal on a quality HUB Hub.


Before you decide to purchase a 10 port USB hub from eBay or Amazon that just seem too good to be true.  These cheap hub might save you a few buck now, but you’ll be taking a risk on destroying your Block Erupters in the long run!